Since I was younger I always enjoyed reading, and that's a bit of the reason why I want to go into publishing as a career. I'm just really interested in the stories people have to tell and would love to be part of that. Reading books helps me relax and lets me enjoy other people's voices through their writing.

As I mentioned before, I'm getting my minor in English so I've had to take a good amount of literature courses. I recommened buying books at Half Price here in San Marcos just cause its cheaper;however,my favorite place is Book People in Austin. In the past year, I've only read 7 books which is not as many as I'd like. In class I was able to read some of my now favorite books. Usually I like being alone to read with coffee or tea and if the story is that good, I'm prone to binge reading chunks at a time.


Besides having to read for my classes, I have some other books and series that I want to read in my spare time. When I first got into reading during middle school, I was of course drawn to teen popular books of the time like the Maze Runner Series and Its Kind of a Funny Story. After that I started reading mostly Stephen King and really read anything that looked a bit interesting to me. Yes, I judged books by their covers. There are also other books that I have but haven't had time to start reading yet.

To Read Soon