Hello, my name's Sabrina Rhea and I am a second year student at Texas State University. I'm from a small town in the Rio Grande Valley called Hidalgo and have an older sister who is TXST alumna. I am a mass comm major/english minor and hope to go into publishing after I finish my undergrad. I currently work here in Old Main as part of SJMC IT and have been here since October 2019. Along with my undergrad from TXST, I would want to study for my master's in mass comm or english.

Being in San Marcos the past two years has given me some time to get used to being around so many people and trying so many different things or going to different places. One thing I have enjoyed while being here is the amount of coffee shops in the area, especially near campus. Along with that, there's things to do like going to chill by the river, go thrifting, see a local band, check out small shops in the square and so much more!

Besides being swamped with work and classes I like to keep myself busy with a few hobbies. Taking time for yourself is SO important and something I do value as a busy college student. With exploring San Marcos and meeting new people, I love to take time on my own to do what makes me feel content. Having a good group of friends to try new things with is always a major plus too.