One thing that has benefited me as a busy student is journaling. Having a journal or planner is probably one of the best ways to stay organized. Both are simple and can be also a way to doodle, color and be creative. Bullet journaling specifically helps with organizational skills as well as being a creative hobby. For this year, I did start using a premade planner since I didn't think there would be time to do a whole journal on my own.

For bulletjournaling, there are so many different things you can incorporate to make something unique to you. I got a lot of inspirtaion from JustineBujo on youtube. There is a crazy amount of people who do journaling, study with me, and plan with me videos. A lot of these channels give great advice for college students as well.

Bullet Journaling Supplies

If you're like me and don't necessarily have time to be making and decorating a bullet journal, you can always buy a planner. I got mine pretty cheap with a cute design I like. There is also room to add washi tape and find other ways of decorating. I personally like adding stickers and different doodles on the side for myself. In my bullet journal, I did add way more and used it for other thoughts instead of just planning. There's always so much you can do with just journaling!